small architecture
fine furniture

The details, materials and concept
are the design

About us


We are a firm believer of functional aesthetics, the more pleasing a place is, in both function and appearance, the more enjoyment one gets out of it. ­Therefore, as a design studio, we are in the business of life enhancement.

Functional requirements are key. Combining function with form and materials suitable to their end use is a recipe for great design. Using mainly environmentally friendly, sensible and honest materials as well as building methods. 

Our approach to design is a minimalistic-modernist one. Emphasize what is important, remove the rest. Beautiful details and materials is what makes the design. We strive to create honest and understandable design. Instead of just creating your dream, we aim to design something you dare not dream about.

Pushing boundaries, never taking something for granted, and of course, question everything. Retrèt Studio is a small Dutch design company, operating out of Ibiza. 

The name Retrèt comes from the French word retrait, in English retreat. A place for reflection and self-exploration, a place to let personal freedom and happiness come to fruition. In other words, the ultimate place to reside.

Retrèt has a diverse network of great designers and builders, both personal friends and professional colleagues, that can make anything happen.